Spellcraft T-shirt, unisex

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  • Spellcraft T-shirt, unisex
  • Spellcraft T-shirt, unisex
  • Spellcraft T-shirt, unisex

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A witch casts a spell beneath a star-studded sky and a waning crescent moon. The art of spellcasting is a defining facet of witchcraft in general and, therefore, is present in all subsequent branches. As a form of magic, the act of casting a spell involves not only an intended action, but the undivided focus of the witch's will to fulfill that intention. There are multiple ways of casting a spell, so long as the will and intention are strong. Most popularly, a spell involves the combining of ingredients or burning of offerings while an incantation is recited. A key defining feature of a well-constructed spell is the final step of "activating" the spell by implementing one of the 4 major elements so that the intention may be put out into the universe to work its magic and find fulfillment. Examples of this kind of activation can be the act of burning (fire), allowing the wind to take your offering (air), burying your offering (earth), or drawing a spell in the sand and allowing the ocean to wash it away (water). The beauty of spellcasting is that it allows room for creativity and any witch may create her own spell using whatever ingredients or tools she possesses, so long as her conviction is clear. 

In Spellcraft, the witch is focused on letting go as she gazes directly into the smoke billowing from her cauldron. She has spent the night combining herbs and tree resin as a ceremonial offering to the universal energies. Under the star-studded sky she burns her offering as the symbolic act of letting go. As it burns, the negative feelings she wishes to release are also burned away. With smoke dissipating into the night sky, she places her trust in the universe. The snake slithering beneath her cauldron represents the witch's evolution as she sheds those energies that no longer serve her will. Overall, this drawing is one of catharsis and the reawakening of your inner strength in order to let go of emotional toxicity, emerging more powerful and confident than before.

Spellcraft is original artwork drawn by Adrienne Rozzi. Printed with white ink on black unisex t-shirts made in the USA. 100% ring-spun combed cotton.

Size chart for T-shirts (all measurements taken in inches while shirt is laying flat):
X-SMALL:    36" bust, 27" length
SMALL:        38" bust, 28" length
MEDIUM:   40" bust, 29" length
LARGE:       42" bust, 30" length
X-LARGE:   44" bust, 32" length

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