Mullein metallic postcard

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  • Mullein metallic postcard
  • Mullein metallic postcard
  • Mullein metallic postcard
  • Mullein metallic postcard

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Mullein is known as a plant of fire, dedicated to Hecate and ruled by Saturn. Its magical uses are vast, including protection, courage, banishing, health, love, divination, and jinxing. In Roman times, the dried stalks of Mullein were soaked in tallow or oil and set alight as torches in funeral processions. Over centuries this practical use was adopted by witches and magical folk so much so that one of Mullein’s many nicknames is ‘Witch’s Taper’ or sometimes ‘Hag’s Taper.’ A circle made of Mullein torches will allow the practitioner full command over any spirits or demons that enter it. Furthermore, the smoke is used to banish and protect, as well as for casting against enemies.

Mullein is original artwork, hand drawn by Adrienne Rozzi. It is the fifth print released in the printshop's Witch's Cabinet series.

- Thick, 19 pt. cardstock postcard

- High-shine metallic gold on a matte black background. Black and white on back.

- Measures 4" x 6" (inches)

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