Thistle metallic postcard

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  • Thistle metallic postcard
  • Thistle metallic postcard
  • Thistle metallic postcard
  • Thistle metallic postcard

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A witch stands in her power, arms crossed in protection as thistles rise like sentinels, shielding her from energetic harm. With its sharp leaves and spiny stalks, Thistles physically and symbolically teach us about healthy boundaries, protecting our energy, and fortifying our power. They have long been used by magical practitioners for protection, strength, healing, hex-breaking, and exorcism. Carried as an amulet, thistle offers protection, averts melancholy, guards against evil, and can also bring good luck. Commonly used in defense magic, wearing a thistle on the body will break any hex and divert it back to the sender. Additionally, a poppet stuffed with the plant can be used for the same purpose. When hung near doorways, Thistle will protect a dwelling from harmful energies, whereas a bowl of thistles placed in a room will purify the space, banish negativity, and renew vitality. Placed on the altar, they can be used to call spirits or draw in faeries to guard the space. The spirit of Thistle is strong, stable, and courageous, representing endurance and the ability to survive. Finding allyship with this powerful plant spirit will illuminate your strengths, cleanse your energy, and fortify your defenses.

Thistle is original artwork, hand drawn by Adrienne Rozzi. It is the fifth print released in the printshop's Witch's Cabinet series.

- Thick, 19 pt. cardstock postcard

- High-shine metallic silver on a matte black background. Black and white on back.

- Measures 4" x 6" (inches)

Quantity: 1 

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