Mugwort patch

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  • Mugwort patch
  • Mugwort patch
  • Mugwort patch
  • Mugwort patch

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A witch practices the art of scrying as the full moon shines above and Mugwort grows all around her. A staple in the witch’s herb cabinet, Mugwort is one of the oldest known plants used for magical practices. In addition to its common uses of cleansing, purification, and protection, it is a lunar herb used to amplify psychic abilities and aid in astral travel, dreamwork, and divination. Mugwort has particularly strong ties within the art of scrying, a practice of divination that involves gazing into reflective or cloudy mediums to divine visions and insights. Scrying mirrors are often washed with Mugwort to cleanse and prepare the mirror as well as lend clairvoyant aid to the practitioner. Another tool of the scryer is the gazing basin, which, when filled with a Mugwort infusion, amplifies the herb’s ability to unlock psychic energy even further.

Because Mugwort grows so abundantly, it is a great alternative for cleansing bundles. Please consider switching to Mugwort instead of White Sage and Palo Santo, which are currently over-harvested and wrongfully appropriated.

Mugwort is original artwork, hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi. It is the first patch released in the printshop's "Witch's Cabinet" series.

Screen printed with white ink on black fabric and measures approximately 9.5" x 14" (inches).

As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase.

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