2nd. Ritual Bath screen print

$ 30.00 was $ 60.00

  • 2nd. Ritual Bath screen print
  • 2nd. Ritual Bath screen print
  • 2nd. Ritual Bath screen print
  • 2nd. Ritual Bath screen print
  • 2nd. Ritual Bath screen print
  • 2nd. Ritual Bath screen print

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** This print is a second, meaning it has imperfections and does not fulfill my standard level of craftsmanship so it is being offered at a special low price.

** Examples of 2nd imperfections include printing flaws or paper flaws, i.e. the image printed too light or dark, a small ink smudge, inconsistent texture to the ink or an imperfection in the paper. These flaws are small but noticeable upon close inspection, however they do not compromise the image as a whole. (Photos depict the normal print, not the 2nds)


      Ritual Baths are baths that cleanse and purify the mind, body, and aura, in preparation for further magical work. They provide a relaxing way to connect with your higher self and become open to the universe and it's array of energies. Above all, Ritual baths are used to spiritually cleanse and purify as a means of healing and transformation. They are often performed with a specific intention in mind and can be a complete magical practice on their own.
     During a ritual bath, one implements such tools as meditation, herbs, crystals, and candles to aid in the manifestation of a desired intention. Ritual baths are a form of magic accessible to most practitioners and they provide a quick and easy way to care for your spiritual being and return to energetic wholeness! 
    Here, a radiant witch brews a ritual bath of mugwort and lavender in her cauldron tub. Mugwort is a lunar protection herb used to cleanse, banish, and ward off negativity. As a form of snake medicine, it promotes the movement of stagnation and helps in embracing transitions in life. Mugwort also increases the frequency of dreams and allows you to unlock psychic energy.
     Lavender is a common offering because it brings protection and purification, and strengthens love. It is often used to calm all parts of the body, bringing clarity and sharpness of mind.

Ritual Bath is original artwork, hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi. 

Printed with black ink on kraft-toned Stonehenge archival paper. Measures approximately 14.5" x 14.5" (inches) with a rough deckle along the bottom edge. Signed by the artist.

Please refer to last photo for most accurate portrayal of paper color.

As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase. 

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