The Magician's Lot screen print

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  • The Magician's Lot screen print
  • The Magician's Lot screen print
  • The Magician's Lot screen print
  • The Magician's Lot screen print

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The Magician’s Lot is an illustrations that pertains to the abundance and harmony achieved when all four Tarot suits are balanced equally in our lives. Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles make up the four suits and each hold dominion over different areas of life. The branch, or Wand, corresponds to the element of fire and represents beginnings, creation, passion, creativity, imagination, and restlessness— such things that are born and burn inside of you. The sword is the element of Air that represents the mind, cleverness, anxieties, troubles, and debate— a suit of sharp ideas and sharp tongues. The cup corresponds to the element of water and reigns over emotions, illusions, nostalgia, spiritualism, and all of those feelings in which you surrender. Lastly, the pentacle represents the element of earth and common senses, labor, the tactile, luck, wealth— all things that are of this world. Amongst the Tarot, The Magician is a card that exhibits mastery and balance of the four suits, which brings harmony and abundance to the soul and to one’s life.

The Magician's Lot is original artwork, hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi. 

Printed with black ink on kraft-toned Stonehenge archival paper. Measures approximately 9" x 14.5" (inches). Signed by the artist.

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