Flight of the Witches screen print in silver with GREEN full moon - 2nd

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  • Flight of the Witches screen print in silver with GREEN full moon - 2nd
  • Flight of the Witches screen print in silver with GREEN full moon - 2nd
  • Flight of the Witches screen print in silver with GREEN full moon - 2nd
  • Flight of the Witches screen print in silver with GREEN full moon - 2nd

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**An 2nd print is a print that has a small flaw, deeming it unfit for the original edition. Flaws vary from print to print. Examples are an accidental ink spot, a blemish to the paper, or an uneven application of ink. These flaws are subtle and do not detract from overall beauty of the artwork, however they are noticeable upon close inspection so they are being offered as a 2nd print at a discount price. 2nds are signed by the artist and marked "2nd"


High in the sky on a moonlit ride, a coven of witches fly through the midnight air unleashing thunderous cackles and crooning howls. It is Witches’ Night and they gather in celebration to bid farewell to the moon’s rulership in the sky as the “dark” half of the year comes to a close. Some are present in their corporeal forms, others join in their astral bodies or those of familiars. Mischief and merriment walk hand-in-hand on this night, as the witches celebrate the darker energies inherent in their craft.

Hexennacht, meaning “Witches’ Night,” is a celebration originally observed in Central and Northern European countries with roots in Germany. It begins at moonrise on April 30th and ends when the sun rises on May 1st. On this most ominous night it is said that witches and other cunning folk gather on the Brocken, highest peak in the Harz mountains of Germany, to revel in dark worship and merriment. Tales of maleficent witches conjuring dark magic have described this night for centuries. The modern day Witches’ Night has come to be more widely celebrated by witches all around the globe and is no longer solely a night for dark worship, but honored as a pivotal point in the cycle of the seasons.

Much like Autumn-tide festivals (which lie opposite on the wheel of the year), the few nights spanning springtime festivals (Witches’ Night and Beltane) mark a period of time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. This means that all magical workings performed during this time are more powerful. With this channel open, spirit communication is much more accessible and practitioners are able to harness energies from the spirit realm to aid in their cunning work.

Flight of the Witches was made, not only to honor Witches’ Night but also, to depict the witches’ ride to the Sabbat. This ride finds roots in many different lores including Artemis’ wild hunt and, her Roman counterpart, Diana’s procession to gather souls, as well as the ride that brings Witches to the infamous Witches’ Supper. These rides were known to include all manner of otherworldly beings that joined the gathering from astral realms.

This artwork was made to evoke the mischievous, fun, celebratory atmosphere of Witches’ Night and to honor the idea of witches letting loose and flying wild. May it bring a little of this magic to your home or sacred space!

Flight of the Witches is original artwork, hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi. 

- Printed with silver ink on Black Stonehenge archival paper.

- The Full moon is printed with silver ink and overlaid GREEN metallic leaf. Like the rest of the creation process, the application of this metallic leaf is done by hand and there may be some areas where the silver ink is still visible.

- Measures approximately 15" x 15" (inches) with a raw deckle along the bottom edge.

As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase.

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