2nd. Wheel of Beltane patch

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  • 2nd. Wheel of Beltane patch
  • 2nd. Wheel of Beltane patch
  • 2nd. Wheel of Beltane patch
  • 2nd. Wheel of Beltane patch

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**This patch is a second, meaning it has imperfections and does not fulfill my standard level of craftsmanship. However, it is still beautiful so it is being offered at a special low price.

- Examples of 2nd imperfections include the image printing too light, a smudge of ink, or printing flaw. (Photos depict the normal patch, not the 2nds)


Wheels and magic circles have been used by magical practitioners dating back to ancient cultures. The wheel acts as a graphical microcosm of the universe itself and represents the sorceress’s relation to her surroundings and available energies. The Wheel of Beltane embodies the origins, traditions, lore, and symbols pertaining to fire festivals practiced on and around May 1st to mark the return of spring and summer.

At the wheel’s core is a depiction of Flora, the roman goddess of flowers, sexuality, fertility, and vegetation. Her festival, Floralia, is one of the oldest recorded holidays in which Mayday-like traditions arose. The fire festivals of Beltaine, Mayday, and Walpurgisnacht all hark back to having roots in Floralia traditions making Flora the perfect centerpiece for the Wheel of Beltane.

The Wheel of Beltane is an all encompassing view of springtime festivals and traditions. The magical practitioner who possesses the wheel and uses it to honor the season will be granted good luck and prosperity throughout the spring and summer.

The Wheel of Beltane is original artwork hand drawn by Adrienne Rozzi.

Screen printed with white ink on black cotton canvas

Measures approximately 13.5" x 13.5" (inches)


**Please note: Patches are cut by hand so measurements may vary slightly. Edges are raw cut canvas. Some patches may display a single factory finished edge from the fabric's creation process.

As always, please review the FAQ page before every purchase.

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