As Above, So Below screen print, Copper on Black - second

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  • As Above, So Below screen print, Copper on Black - second
  • As Above, So Below screen print, Copper on Black - second
  • As Above, So Below screen print, Copper on Black - second

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**An 2nd print is a print that has a small flaw, deeming it unfit for the original edition. Flaws vary from print to print. Examples are an accidental ink spot, a blemish to the paper, or an uneven application of ink. These flaws are subtle and do not detract from overall beauty of the artwork, however they are noticeable upon close inspection so they are being offered as a 2nd print at a discount price. 2nds are signed by the artist and marked "2nd"


This special run of As Above, So Below was printed for Halloween 2022.

As Above, So Below is a celebration of the divine feminine and its pivotal role in the microcosm of our minds and the macrocosm of the universe-- as above, so below. Emanating from the triple moons, two witches stand like sentinels and raise pentacles aloft. They reflect one another as a reminder of the duality inherent in nature and all of the universe, for even the divine feminine finds its balancing counterpart in masculine energy. Within the realm of tarot, the pentacle represents the whole of the material world and all that is tangible. The pentagram itself is a symbol of the four elements of earth in balance with the human spirit, yet again a symbol of wholeness that reminds us of our tethers to this world. Within As Above, So Below, the guardians offer pentacles symbolic of the offerings the divine goddess has given to create our world. We would not exist without her nurturing energy, her fertility, her life-giving abilities, and even her wrath. This drawing is a reflection and celebration of finding that energy within yourself and allowing it to radiate from you in all directions.

As Above, So Below is original artwork, hand drawn and screen printed by Adrienne Rozzi.

Printed with Copper ink on Black Stonehenge archival paper. Measures approximately 5" x 18" (inches). Signed by the artist and marked "2nd"

limited quantity available

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