Night Ride patch

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  • Night Ride patch
  • Night Ride patch
  • Night Ride patch
  • Night Ride patch
  • Night Ride patch

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Night Ride is original artwork illustrating the use of flying ointments during the witches’ night ride to the Sabbat. Apart from the Sabbat, the ride itself was a noteworthy event on its own that finds its non-devilish roots in the Italian cult of Diana and her lunar mythology.  It was said that, during this mysterious happening, witches gathered by moonlight to fly through the night sky alongside Diana and her band of otherworldly beings. Aided by a psychoactive ointment of poisonous plants and animal fats, the witches would mingle with the astral realm, hooting and hollering with liberation, transcendence, and magical merriment.

The besom, better know as a broom, is one of the most common objects associated with the witch today. It is one of the few tools symbolic of divine balance as seen in the phallic handle and the feminine bristles. Brooms hold cleansing properties both literally and symbolically, having long been implemented in folk magic practices for purification, wholeness, fertility, and protection. In addition to cleaning one’s house, the broom was used to cast circles and create sacred spaces, move stagnant energy, and acted as a convincing disguise when witches had to hide their wand for fear of persecution. Traditionally, brooms were made of three sacred woods: Ash for the handle, Birch for the bristles, and Willow for the binding cord. Ash trees exude masculine energy and are known to hold sway over the elements, whereas Birch trees are feminine, bringing purification and drawing spirits into one’s service. Lastly, Willow binds the masculine Ash to the feminine Birch as it represents fertility, as well as intuition, visions, and divination.  In Night Ride, the leaves drawn amongst each broom represent the three sacred woods of traditional besoms, Ash, Birch, and Willow, bringing an added layer of history and tradition to this hand drawn illustration. 

Night Ride is original artwork hand drawn by Adrienne Rozzi. 

Screen printed with white ink on black cotton canvas

Measures approximately 13" x 13" (inches).


**Please note: Patches are cut by hand so measurements may vary slightly. Edges are raw cut canvas. Some patches may display a single factory finished edge from the fabric's creation process.

As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase.

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