The Wise Woman's Cottage screen print

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  • The Wise Woman's Cottage screen print
  • The Wise Woman's Cottage screen print
  • The Wise Woman's Cottage screen print
  • The Wise Woman's Cottage screen print
  • The Wise Woman's Cottage screen print

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A wise woman’s cottage sits nestled in a forest grove atop bundles of Mugwort and Elderberry. Every fantastical feature of the dwelling hints that this is a sacred place where magic and nature harmoniously converge. Wisps of smoke rise from the chimney, moss grows on the shingles, and ornate stained glass windows peek out from the ivy-covered facade. Inside, a wise woman is at work crafting talismans and brewing philters over the low roar of the hearth fire. She is at one with the world around her, communing with ancient denizens of the forest and harvesting an array of wild herbs that grow around her dwelling. Elderberry and Mugwort hang from wooden ceiling beams, their scent wafting through the air as the first rays of the morning sun pour through the windows.

Elderberry is an herb that symbolizes life and rebirth, possessing magical properties that aid in divination and healing. Long associated with witches and witchcraft, the Elder tree’s wood is preferred above all others when crafting a wand, due in part to its aforementioned qualities as well as its strong protective properties. Mugwort is yet another herb found in abundance amongst the wise woman’s cottage. A lunar plant commonly found in the witch’s herb cabinet, Mugwort amplifies psychic abilities, aiding in astral travel, scrying, and dreamwork. In addition to its visionary properties, Mugwort is an herb of protection often incorporated into protective charms and talismans and commonly infused into a wash used to cleanse magical tools. Both Elderberry and Mugwort are sacred to the crone and carry the wise woman’s ancient wisdom as they illuminate her intuition. Overgrown and sustained by nature’s gifts, the wise woman’s cottage is a drawing that evokes a cozy, sacred atmosphere and offers protection and wisdom throughout the year.

The Wise Woman's Cottage is original artwork, hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi. 

Printed with black ink on kraft-toned Stonehenge archival paper. Measures approximately 11" x 13" (inches).  Signed by the artist.

Please refer to last photo for most accurate portrayal of paper color.

As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase.

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