Underworld Garland small altar cloth in Foxglove, limited edition

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  • Underworld Garland small altar cloth in Foxglove, limited edition
  • Underworld Garland small altar cloth in Foxglove, limited edition
  • Underworld Garland small altar cloth in Foxglove, limited edition
  • Underworld Garland small altar cloth in Foxglove, limited edition

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 Add a touch of magical elegance to your sacred space with a one-of-a-kind altar cloth from Poison Apple Printshop! These signature altar cloths start as vintage linens that are then hand dyed in small batches and screen printed with the printshop's original artwork, transforming each cloth from a drab, forgotten remnant into a unique and functional work of art. The antique origins of these linens paired with their handmade evolution ensure each cloth is one-of-a-kind and carries a nostalgic, old-world energy. Compliment your magical workings with one of these special works of art, use them for resting your rare books, or hang them on the wall to be admired. These unique altar cloths are the perfect addition to any altar, tarot spread, vanity, or sacred space! 

Features original artwork by Adrienne Rozzi entitled Underworld Garland.

In lore, it is said that the dead are crowned with Henbane as they walk along the River Styx deep in the underworld. Henbane was given to these newly departed souls in order to help them forget the pain of leaving life behind and ease their transition into death. A member of the nightshade family Solanaceae, Henbane's effects on memory are due to scopolamine, atropine, tropane, and hyoscyamine, organic alkaloids present in Henbane that bring about hallucinations, delusions, and forgetting. In history, this plant was often used medicinally to induce twilight sleep in women who were giving birth, for it would cause them to forget their pain and unfortunately forget their labor altogether. In addition, Henbane is known as a "witches' weed" because it is said to be an ingredient in the infamous witches' flying ointment, a psychoactive paste used to aid in spirit flight and astral travel.

Spiritually, Henbane is a plant ally that can pull us into the well of memory in order to face deep-rooted pain and gracefully let it go. It is often used magically in shape-shifting rituals as well as divination and psychic work. This altar cloth is perfect for those looking to diminish trauma and the effects of a painful past, as well as for those who find a connection to poisonous plants and Saturn. It is also perfect for those seeking new beginnings and transformation on a deep level.


- Hand dyed and screen printed with black ink.

‘Foxglove’ is a hand dyed color of bright fuchsia with a more purple cast, reminiscent of the beautiful petals of pink Foxglove.

- Features crochet lace trim.

- Measures approximately 7.5" x  8" (inches)

- LIMITED EDITION of 3. You will receive one of the three shown in the second picture.


Care instructions: Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry. Iron on linen setting from back side of cloth.

NOTE: Linens are hand selected with special attention to quality and uniqueness, ensuring each is in good vintage condition with very little, to no signs of wear. Any distress or wear is taken into consideration when the price is set. There may be variations in the dye patterns of each cloth. These anomalies are to be embraced as part of the cloth's handmade nature.

As always, please review the FAQ page before every purchase.


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