Witches' Night screen print, FULL COLOR, second printing - 2nd

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  • Witches' Night screen print, FULL COLOR, second printing - 2nd
  • Witches' Night screen print, FULL COLOR, second printing - 2nd
  • Witches' Night screen print, FULL COLOR, second printing - 2nd

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**An 2nd print is a print that has a small flaw, deeming it unfit for the original edition. Flaws vary from print to print. Examples are an accidental ink spot, a blemish to the paper, or an uneven application of ink. These flaws are subtle and do not detract from overall beauty of the artwork, however they are noticeable upon close inspection so they are being offered as a 2nd print at a discount price. 2nds are signed by the artist and marked "2nd"


         Three witches gather on a mountain summit paying homage to the dying winter and the onset of Spring. A fire blazes as firelight dances with moonlight and the scene becomes a swirl of energetic illumination. With the high winds whipping through the air the three witches join hands to encircle the purifying flame. Their clasped hands form a continuous circuit that captures the palpable energy in the air and alludes to the never-ending cycle of the year. They dance to say farewell to the Moon that rules the winter skies. Their echoes haunt the mountains and fill the midnight air.  As the sky lightens throughout they send away the moon and greet the rising sun as the new ruler of the skies for the summer half of the year.

          Witches' Night (April 30th - May 1st) is a celebration observed mostly in Central and Northern European countries with roots in Germany. It begins at moonrise on April 30th and ends when the sun rises on May 1st. The night is also referred to as Hexennacht meaning “Witches’ Night.” It is believed that witches and other magic folk gather on the Brocken, highest peak in the Harz mountains of Germany, to worship the darker powers inherent in their craft. This is a time when the veil between the spirit world and our world is thin. This means that all spell work and magical workings performed during this time are more powerful. With this channel open, magical practitioners are able to harness energies from the spirit world adding them to the energies gathered from our world. However, magic can be dangerous during this night because the dead can enter our realm and hold sway over energies.

Witches' Night is original artwork hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi.

- 7 different inks on Stonehenge kraft colored archival paper. Measures 15" x 15"

- From a sold-out limited edition

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