Nocturna leather back patch and altar cloth

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  • Nocturna leather back patch and altar cloth
  • Nocturna leather back patch and altar cloth
  • Nocturna leather back patch and altar cloth

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This special leather patch can also be used as an altar cloth or hung on the wall, adding a bewitching element to any space!

Nocturna is an illustration alluding to the witch's natural connection with the night and all nocturnal creatures. A sorceress is nestled between her cat familiar and the embrace of her owl guide. Starlight twinkles in her jet-black hair as she works her magic by moonlight. A witch’s familiar is a helping spirit, often in animal form, that serves as a cohort, guide, and companion for the witch. The familiar helps accomplish the desires of the witch’s will through magical deeds. It is often said that a witch will takes the familiar’s animal form to stalk and creep around when she wishes to go by unnoticed. A strong connection with animals is seen as a magical gift, often denoting that the person is capable of something more than the average human. A true witch is spiritually one with nature and therefore connected to all of its inhabitants.

"There are some who can live without wild things, and some who can not." - Aldo Leopold

Nocturna is original artwork hand drawn by Adrienne Rozzi.

- Printed with black ink on distressed leather.

- 2 colors available:

    GOLDSCALE - distressed light gold. Firm, rigid leather
    EARTH - cool tan/brown. Supple, soft leather

- Measures approximately 5.5" x 12.5" (inches) Patches are cut by hand so border width and measurements may vary slightly. 

- Limited quantities available

SPECIAL NOTES: The Goldscale leather is more textured in some areas, so there are natural variations in the printed image. Natural variations may also occur in the color and texture of each leather patch. This leather has been distressed to look aged and rustic. These distresses are meant to be embraced as part of the rustic character of the patch. 


As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase.

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