The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets

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  • The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets
  • The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets
  • The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets
  • The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets
  • The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets
  • The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets

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Add a little magic to your correspondences and enhance your spellwork with this beautifully designed stationery from Poison Apple Printshop! Featuring hand drawn, original artwork, each sheet is meant to inspire extra creativity in letter-writing and magical practices. The designs carry symbols of protection and purification, energetically facilitating a sacred space on the page, where conversations may be had in confidence and witchy workings may be well-guarded. 

For letter-writing, this stationery will add symbolism and positive energy to all of your correspondences. For working magic, these spell sheets bring an additional layer of intention and visual beauty to every practice. Simply write your personal letter, incantation, or sigil, on a sheet of stationery, fold it and place in the envelope along with your corresponding herbs. Seal the envelope and you are ready to burn the bundle as an act of letting go or putting your spell into motion. Sealing your spell inside the envelope allows for easy transportation to your favorite sacred space or burning site, too! The possibilities for creativity are endless with this stationery!

The Stargazer is a hand-drawn design inspired by the zodiac and the eternal balancing of both light & dark, conscious and subconscious. A celestial being dangles two lanterns that hold the sun and moon as she wears a necklace emblazoned with the signs of the zodiac. The lanterns are symbols of hope, wishful thinking, and direction, which can be found not only in our sun star, but also in the moody shadows of our ever-changing moon. The adornment around her neck symbolizes the natural cycle of the heavenly bodies and our relation to them as creatures forever dazzled by the cosmos. The Stargazer stationery & spell sheets are imbued with these themes, offering a space for you to share wishes of a brighter future and nurture the shadows of your psyche!

Hand drawn by artist Adrienne Rozzi. 

- Each pack comes with 10 sheets of paper and 5 matching gummed envelopes.

- High-quality deluxe digital print on speckled paper in 'Sand' (warm beige).

Paper measure 8.5" x 11" (inches)
Envelope measure 6" x 9" (inches)

Wax & Seal not included


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