Malum screen print

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  • Malum screen print
  • Malum screen print
  • Malum screen print
  • Malum screen print
  • Malum screen print

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This screen print marks the 10-year anniversary of Poison Apple Printshop!

The apple is one of the most symbol-laden fruits found throughout history and art. With firm roots in the folklore, fairytales, and mythology of many different cultures, the apple’s vast symbolism spans knowledge, love, seduction, abundance, prosperity, fertility, life-force, growth, wholeness, wisdom, power, temptation, immortality, evil, and death. Its more ominous associations stem from similarities in the Doric Greek term ‘málum,’ meaning ‘apple,’ and the Latin ‘malum’, meaning ‘evil.’ Over time, these two etymologies have entwined, propagating the mythos of the Poison Apple with tale after tale of a wicked fruit imbued with baneful magic. A morsel of ill-intent and a harbinger of death, the Poison Apple has found an immovable place in the archetype of the witch, acting as one of her most beloved and deadly weapons. Enticing yet deceiving, the Poison Apple appears ordinary to the eye but is steeped in the fatal oils of poisonous plants, in turn symbolizing the witch’s knowledge of baneful herbs and walking between worlds. Whereas apples in general are often symbols of a globe, heart, or womb, the inclusion of poison injects a layer of corruption and perversion upon the fruit’s broad symbolism and garners it a home in the realms of chaos, malice, and death.

In my own personal explorations of the Poison Apple I have come to find deep meaning and dark beauty in its duality and the idea that a fruit of life can become a vessel of death, spiritually combining both light and shadow. With its hidden viciousness, the Poison Apple reminds us that not all is what it seems. Whereas the volatile dosages of poisonous plants can determine if they are healing or fatal, the combination of the apple (representing wholeness and health) paired with knowledge of the poison path conjures an object of fierce protection, necessary boundaries, and controlled power.

Malum is original artwork, hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi. 

Printed with black ink on kraft-toned Stonehenge archival paper. Measures approximately 15" x 15" (inches)

Please refer to last photo for most accurate portrayal of paper color.

As always, please review my FAQ page before every purchase.

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